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Festival Director / Creator     Vanelle

Originally from Oakland, California, Vanelle grew up performing impromptu plays or reenacting scenes from movies, like Grease or Urban Cowboy, to entertain the children at her grandmother’s daycare. This is where she probably got the notion that she could someday act and direct on something other than a picnic table. She attended a Performing Arts High School in Pinole, California where she majored in Performing Arts/ Theatre and went on to college, remaining active in the Contra Costa College Dance Productions.


Vanelle spent a few years modeling but it wasn’t until she moved to North Carolina and discovered a very active film community that she decided she would finally pursue her passion and set out to learn as much as she could about the film industry. She tested the waters by working as an extra in Juwanna Mann and then began auditioning for films. Her first two auditions were held on the same day, and as luck would have it, Vanelle won both roles. Unfortunately neither film ever made it past editing but she still took it to be a sign that she had found her calling.


Since then Vanelle has starred in several Independent Films such as See the Dead, Exhibit A-7, Remnants, Athena, and Sacred Hearts. She has also worked as Writer, Producer and Director on her own projects and has been nominated and won awards for both her work in front of and behind the camera at various film festivals including the Action On Film International Film Festival and Hollywood Dreamz Film Festival.


Vanelle currently works as a Producer at Inspiration TV.  She has produced award winning content for the network and has spearheaded the rebranding of their children’s programming, Inspiration Kids. She conceptualized their first Spokescharacter, Gracie Bee, as well as voices the character for the network.  Her love for children and all things imaginative has established Vanelle as a woman to watch for in media and film as she sets out to disrupt and change the way children view content in the future.


Vanelle enjoys spending most of her time with her husband, four children and French Bulldog Bijoux. They are her inspiration for everything.